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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mice-a-Roni fabric - authentic, yay or nay?

I was so excited to recently have found some Wacky Packages fabric! the fabric authentic Wacky Packages? According to the website Lost Wackys, this Mice-a-Roni fabric is vintage 1970s but lists it as "Mice-A-Roni Imitation Wacky Material"

Say it isn't so!

Wacky Packages were trading cards created in 1967 that poked fun at American products and brands. Wikipedia has some great information about Wacky Packages.

As a kid my allowance money was eaten up by the sheer volume of Wacky Packages that I bought. Now I wish that I had those packages, I'd love to see them again.

I emailed the website administrator of Lost Wackys and asked for clarification about this fabric. I'm eagerly waiting for a response. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 1/1/12:

I think we can assume that this Mice a Roni fabric probably is a Wacky Packages knockoff, and dates to the 1970s.

A reader on Revival Fabrics facebook wall wrote that she also owns some of this Mice a Roni fabric and says, "Topps which did Wacky Packages did NOT do this. This is refered to by everyone as a knockoff. I don't know who manufactured and designed it. If it helps, I picked mine up along with some material called Quak Goats. It looks like Quaker Oats."

Interesting stuff. Now we know that both Mice a Roni and more than likely Quak Goats also, are both knockoffs of Wacky Packages.