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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Color Trends of 2009 - series - vintage fabric and fabric

As a continuation of the blog series "Color Trends of 2009" let's talk about color trends of fabrics on the market right now. As goes popular trends for fabric colors and designs, often times will the tastes of collectors and designers that use vintage fabrics.

I've personally noticed here at Revival Fabrics there has been an upswing in interest of purple themed vintage fabrics.

Kim Kight at True Up tells me that fashion and fabric color trends for this year: "I'm seeing lots of purple and fuchsia. I think navy, black, and silvery gray are back in and brown is on the decline as the go-to neutral. I'm also seeing lots of mustard, avocado green, and orange ... the classic 70s kitchen colors. I'm slightly horrified to see the neon paint-splatter phase of the 80s come back in style, though I do get good nostalgic feeling from some retro 80s motifs and color combinations, if they're done right."

What goes around, come back around again, and at Like Totally 80s website, they agree that the 1980s have made a revival. As noted, Michael Kors used neon green for his Fall collection.

Fashion Trendsetters sees 2009 fabric color trends in the metal gray family along with cement, slate, and interestingly recycled paper color, and lastly white accents.

Catch the next part of the Color Trends of 2009 series as I discuss fabric color trends in the crafting world.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vintage Fabric - Friday Favorite - sunflower power

This vintage 1960s voile fabric makes me want to sing "The sun will come out tomorrow..." it's such a cheery print. No need to break out in song though, here in Oregon there's not a drop of rain in sight and the skies are blue.

Happy weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Color Trends of 2009 - series

Now that we have a few months of 2009 under our belts, let's take a look at some color trend predictions to see if the experts were right.

Let's first start with home decorating color trends for 2009. The next blog series will be color trends of vintage fabric, fashion, and craft.

Interior paint: According to Active Rain the best selling paint for 2009 would be Split Pea by Benjamin Moore. Interestingly, mauve may be back by popular demand but with a contemporary spin. I can't help but remember the many restaurants and fast-food joints that had mauve interiors years ago. Surely, hopefully, paint manufacturers won't recreate "restaurant mauve," or I'll begrudgingly think of fries and pie-by-the-slice as I view the freshly painted walls in the homes of America.

Building Online predicted that we are in a comfort seeking pattern, with thoughts turned toward the environment. Think sustainable "green" colors: browns, rich grays, natural blues.

If you are a fan of wood constructed furniture, Furniture Today surveyed suppliers and found American cherry most popular, followed by maple and white oak bringing up the rear.
Furniture Files blog finds that white furniture remains popular for 2009. Myself, I had an all-white kitchen and adored the sparkling, bright white look, but it was tricky to keep clean. Oh, how my white kitchen glowed almost etherally when cleaned spotless. I now have darker cabinets and slate-green tile much easier to keep up. Also noted is purple furniture coming on strong.

Rugs and Carpets: Over at the Carpetology blog floor texture colors range from earthy browns to greens. Unusual and lively color combination of blue and orange were also noted.

Oh my! HGTV scared me for a second when I read the bold colors of the 80's are back. I'm much relieved to learn that 80's colors are back but in subdued shades.

So what do you think? Have you noticed purple furniture nestled among interiors of bold 80s colors? Did the they get it right?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Vintage Fabric - Friday Favorite - poodles !

Poodles! I just love vintage fabrics and any vintage textiles that feature poodles. Growing up I had a poodle/chihuahua/terrier mixed breed. Since my sister and I had a cat, it was my brother's turn to pick out a pet. He wanted a dog; not just any dog, but a big dog. The bigger the better. With my mom at the wheel, we all climbed into our pea green station wagon for a trip to the Humane Society. If our station wagon had fake wood paneling on the outside, we would have really been stylin'. We weren't that high society.

As we walked past a few cages, my brother said he wanted to look at all of the dogs before choosing. We soon found him two cages down, one knee on the floor, in an eye-lock with a brown haired dog no bigger than a kitten. She was smooshed up against the cage door, body all a wiggling and happy, trying to get to my brother. Well, that was it, he found his dog, or she found him. Maybe they found each other.

So today's Vintage Fabric - Friday Favorite vintage poodle rayon fabric is brought to you by the fond memories of an itty bitty dog that found herself somehow in a bad situation, but through nothing else but optimism, freed herself from that gray cage.