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Monday, May 11, 2009

Color Trends of 2009 - series

Now that we have a few months of 2009 under our belts, let's take a look at some color trend predictions to see if the experts were right.

Let's first start with home decorating color trends for 2009. The next blog series will be color trends of vintage fabric, fashion, and craft.

Interior paint: According to Active Rain the best selling paint for 2009 would be Split Pea by Benjamin Moore. Interestingly, mauve may be back by popular demand but with a contemporary spin. I can't help but remember the many restaurants and fast-food joints that had mauve interiors years ago. Surely, hopefully, paint manufacturers won't recreate "restaurant mauve," or I'll begrudgingly think of fries and pie-by-the-slice as I view the freshly painted walls in the homes of America.

Building Online predicted that we are in a comfort seeking pattern, with thoughts turned toward the environment. Think sustainable "green" colors: browns, rich grays, natural blues.

If you are a fan of wood constructed furniture, Furniture Today surveyed suppliers and found American cherry most popular, followed by maple and white oak bringing up the rear.
Furniture Files blog finds that white furniture remains popular for 2009. Myself, I had an all-white kitchen and adored the sparkling, bright white look, but it was tricky to keep clean. Oh, how my white kitchen glowed almost etherally when cleaned spotless. I now have darker cabinets and slate-green tile much easier to keep up. Also noted is purple furniture coming on strong.

Rugs and Carpets: Over at the Carpetology blog floor texture colors range from earthy browns to greens. Unusual and lively color combination of blue and orange were also noted.

Oh my! HGTV scared me for a second when I read the bold colors of the 80's are back. I'm much relieved to learn that 80's colors are back but in subdued shades.

So what do you think? Have you noticed purple furniture nestled among interiors of bold 80s colors? Did the they get it right?


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Maybe my "mauve" couch will come back? It is an 8 way hand tied couch in great shape. I can't really afford to have it recovered and I won't let go of it. It is so comfortable and in such great shape since it has just been in the living room. I've livened it up with a couch pillow and a quilt but it is still mauve no matter how I dress it up.

Nan Jaeger said...

My favorite shade of mauve are the shades of mauve that appear during the winter holidays. Pair "holiday" mauve with gold and green, with a nice tablerunner, that's a beautiful table setting. I say if your couch is ultra-comfortable, it's a keeper!