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Friday, May 08, 2009

Vintage Fabric - Friday Favorite - poodles !

Poodles! I just love vintage fabrics and any vintage textiles that feature poodles. Growing up I had a poodle/chihuahua/terrier mixed breed. Since my sister and I had a cat, it was my brother's turn to pick out a pet. He wanted a dog; not just any dog, but a big dog. The bigger the better. With my mom at the wheel, we all climbed into our pea green station wagon for a trip to the Humane Society. If our station wagon had fake wood paneling on the outside, we would have really been stylin'. We weren't that high society.

As we walked past a few cages, my brother said he wanted to look at all of the dogs before choosing. We soon found him two cages down, one knee on the floor, in an eye-lock with a brown haired dog no bigger than a kitten. She was smooshed up against the cage door, body all a wiggling and happy, trying to get to my brother. Well, that was it, he found his dog, or she found him. Maybe they found each other.

So today's Vintage Fabric - Friday Favorite vintage poodle rayon fabric is brought to you by the fond memories of an itty bitty dog that found herself somehow in a bad situation, but through nothing else but optimism, freed herself from that gray cage.


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