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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yardage! uncut vintage yardage just in

Happy Earth Day! Aren't you glad to know that as a fan of vintage fabric and textiles, you are keeping these pieces of history out of the landfills? I know that I am.

Just in on the website are some pretty cool vintage fabrics in uncut yardage.

Photo #1: 6 uncut yards of vintage VHY Von Hamm-Young sateen fabric
Photo #2: 8 uncut yards of vintage cowboy fabric - Ropin' Cowboy vintage cotton fabric
Photo #3: 9 uncut yards of vintage satin fabric - Roller Derby Flower Power
Photo #4: 6 uncut yards of vintage polyester fabric - Art Nouveau Woman
You don't see this type of uncut vintage yardage fabric prints every day

Thursday, April 15, 2010

VHY Hawaiian Textiles fabric - Von Hamm-Young hangtag


It's always exciting to find vintage fabrics with scarce, original hangtags still attached to the fabric. But wait! It gets even better! Also still attached is a paper label at one end of the fabric from the Japan Dyer's Inspection Institute Foundation.

Hawaiian fabric and textile collectors, you'll like this vintage circa 1950s - early 1960s VHY Hawaiian Textiles fabric ! It's a fabulous quality 100% cotton sateen fabric --- garment weight, smooth to the touch, with a dull luxurious luster appearance. This vintage Hawaiian fabric is offered on the website in an uncut 6 yard piece with the original Von Hamm-Young Hawaiian Textiles hangtag attached.

Have you ever wondered what VHY Hawaiian Textiles stands for when you see this printed on vintage Hawaiian fabric? It stands for Von Hamm-Young Hawaiian Textiles.

Gathered from the Hawaiian government website, some of the Von Hamm-Young corporations merged into or changed names to The Hawaii Corporation during the early 1960s to the early 1970s. If you find vintage Hawaiian fabric with THC on the selvage, you know it's a The Hawaii Corporation fabric from the early 60s - 70s.