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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yardage! uncut vintage yardage just in

Happy Earth Day! Aren't you glad to know that as a fan of vintage fabric and textiles, you are keeping these pieces of history out of the landfills? I know that I am.

Just in on the website are some pretty cool vintage fabrics in uncut yardage.

Photo #1: 6 uncut yards of vintage VHY Von Hamm-Young sateen fabric
Photo #2: 8 uncut yards of vintage cowboy fabric - Ropin' Cowboy vintage cotton fabric
Photo #3: 9 uncut yards of vintage satin fabric - Roller Derby Flower Power
Photo #4: 6 uncut yards of vintage polyester fabric - Art Nouveau Woman
You don't see this type of uncut vintage yardage fabric prints every day

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