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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Five Things I Never Knew about Scissors

As I used my favorite pair of Fiskar sewing scissors yesterday, I wondered about the background of scissors. Here are a few interesting tidbits and knowldedge found on Wiki:

1) Scissors were invented by Leonardo da Vinci
2) You could find people in Japan playing rock-paper-scissors game in the 19th century
3) Scissors were probably invented in Egypt circa 1500 BC (hmmmm...see #1)
4) Buy sewing scissors at a fabric store and not an office supply store
5) Sewing scissors often have a sharp point blade and a blunt point blade

#4 and #5 are more "oh yeah, that's true" than never knew facts. #5 hit me as a truisim after I looked at my Fiskar scissors and realized that I hadn't thought about the blades after using sewing sewing scissors for years.

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