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Monday, March 10, 2014

Fantastic Vintage Fabric of the Week - Goombay Bahamian Song

Goombay Music - Papas Beat the DrumsVintage Moygashel Cotton Fabric

My favorite find of the week is a rare vintage fabric featuring words from a popular Goombay Bahamian song. It is just added and for sale on Revival Fabrics.

In this vintage Moygashel cotton fabric, you'll find the printed words to a popular Goombay Bahamian song, "Goombay Papas beat the drums again, Goombay Mommas havin fun again, Goombays do a wicked dance when they do the Goombay"

Printed on one selvage: Hand Print REGD Design U.K. No451013 (Copyright GT Britain Empire), the other selvage Moygashel Sea Island Cotton. You certainly can't beat the quality Moygashel, a world class fabric manufacturer.

A customer review on Amazon of the album Bahamas: Goombay 1951-195 gives a great description of Goombay Bahamian music.

Moygashel Island Cotton - selvage

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